Syfy launches VR experience Eleven Eleven globally

Syfy’s new production Eleven Eleven blends immersive theatre, gaming and cinema to create unique VR and AR experiences, with storytelling techniques which enable users to view the action from multiple perspectives. It will launch with custom experiences designed for tethered VR headsets, mobile VR headsets and AR devices.

Viewers can control their experience by following a group of interconnected characters and their stories, with over 90 minutes of content to explore. They can experience the content in several ways:

  • Story mode lets users see the world from the point of view of a main character, following him or her on a guided journey for a more traditional TV-like experience
  • Explore mode lets users detach from that character to roam freely about the world, follow ancillary characters and search for clues to uncover more of the story
  • Goddess mode lets users shrink the world to see it from a birds’-eye view

Eleven Eleven goes live in May, with Sky VR distributing the title in Sky territories.