Draw Me Close – new immersive play blends VR and live performance

Canadian playwright and director Jordan Tannahill has partnered with the National Theatre and National Film Board Canada to create a radically different theatrical experience in VR.

Draw Me Close: A Memoir, blurs the worlds of live performance, virtual reality and animation about the relationship between a mother and her son in the wake of her terminal-cancer diagnosis.

Weaving theatrical storytelling with cutting-edge technology, the project takes a deceptively simple and humanistic approach to the immersive medium: it allows the audience member to experience life as Jordan inside a live, animated world.

Jordan Tannahill’s mother is played by an actress whose movements are translated into the virtual world using motion capture while she engages with you in the physical world. Both actor and audience member experience an early childhood memory as they bring it to life.

Draw Me Close merges the worlds of live performance and animation to create an unforgettable encounter between a mother and her son. This is the story of their past and what is to be their future.

Draw Me Close at The Young Vic (21 Jan to 2 Feb)