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Innovation Videos

New Instagram Thriller Shield 5 Told In 15-Second Episodes

A 28-episode scripted thriller, Shield 5, is playing out over the coming weeks, with one episode per day posted to its Instagram account. Each episode is only 15 seconds long. The show, set in London, is about security guard John Swift, wrongly accused of being involved in a diamond heist.

Two Robot Chefs Make Ramen Noodles

Robotic arms Koya and Kona are the top chefs at Toyako Ramen in China. One boils the noodles, the other makes the soup. They work together and produce a bowl of noodles in under two minutes.

UNICEF Wearables for Good Winners

The Wearables for Good competition was launched in May 2015 by UNICEF, ARM and Frog Design. It focused on concepts for wearables as life-saving products that could work in any environment.

Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius

Experience Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and technological visions brought to life in a new interactive exhibition at The Science Museum in London, featuring 40 historical models of Leonardo’s inventions including flying machines, diving equipment and weapons.

Google VR Saves Baby

Doctors at Nicklaus Children's Hospital show the use of Google VR in life-saving heart surgery performed on Minnesota twin, Teegan Lexcen.