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NASA-Tech Health Scanner Might Be The Closest Thing To A Real-Life Tricorder Yet

V-Sense Medical scanner

When Jeff Nosanov’s baby was born and ended up in intensive care, something scary happened: the tiny vital sign monitors attached to his son kept falling off, over and over. Each time, all of the baby’s stats—like whether he was safely breathing—disappeared.

Two years later, his new baby daughter also spent time in the hospital, and the same thing happened. It’s a common problem with squirmy infants. But this time Nosanov, who was working at NASA, realized that he might be able to do something to help.

At NASA, Nosanov was working with new technology designed to find people in a disaster by using radar to measure breathing and heart rate from a distance. He realized that a similar device could be used in hospitals, or at home, to track health in babies or adults, and send instant alerts if there was a problem.

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