Why is Snapchat crucial for media companies’ strategic goals?

Snapchat is successfully pioneering the integration of media and social in a mobile platform

Forward-thinking media owners are using it to seize crucial opportunities in shaping the future of media:

  • Developing original content which is mobile-native
  • Reaching and understanding the new generation of mobile-first viewers

MTV is committed to making original shows for Snapchat. Other broadcasters are similarly producing a wide range of new content formats.

At the same time, many traditional media companies are successfully innovating on Snapchat and National Geographic has confirmed that “Snapchat is now one of our key revenue drivers on social media.”

Yet developing an effective Snapchat strategy which combines media and mobile demands the agility to quickly make risky decisions in a rapidly transforming business and creative environment.

This raises major issues in researching, conceptualizing, planning and implementing Snapchat media projects:

  • Managing the relationship with Snapchat
  • Creating new mobile-native content and formats
  • Understanding Snapchat’s mobile-social advertising products
  • Hiring or reassigning editorial staff and funding other production resources
  • Understanding Snapchat users

All these challenges require information which is up-to-date, in-depth and conveniently organised.

For TV, digital and advertising professionals

Futurescape’s comprehensive The Snapchat Report provides key analysis and essential data for creating winning strategies and innovative content in mobile TV.

The Snapchat ReportThe Snapchat Report

TV for the mobile-first generation

The first critical and independent appraisal of how international television broadcasters are innovating original TV content and formats on mobile, partnering with Snapchat.

The Snapchat Report covers:

  • Developing new creative and commercial opportunities
  • TV content and business strategies for mobile
  • Competitive advantage from leading innovation
  • Original shows and formats on Snapchat

Access in-depth analysis, broadcasters’ strategies, Snapchat TV shows and new formats, advertising opportunities and key data: 133 pages, 29 tables and charts.

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