Snapchat Shakes Up Social TV With Second Screening and TV Promos

The Snapchat Report

The popular smartphone messaging app Snapchat is fast emerging as the dark horse in Social TV.

Snapchat is rapidly proving its value for two vital Social TV services: second screen engagement during and around live TV broadcast, and TV promos to drive viewer tune-in.

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Second-Screen Content For A Fox News Live Debate

The Snapchat editorial team is creating a Live Story to engage users with second screen mobile content before, during and after the Fox News Republican Primary live TV debate on Thursday 6 August.

Live Stories comprise photos and video clips from Snapchat users which the editors form into short multimedia articles, available via the Snapchat app.

The Live Story for the debate, visible only to US Snapchat users, is produced with contributions from both the debate’s participants and people attending the event.

TV news broadcasters such as CNN and Sky News already partner with Snapchat to run channels on the Snapchat Discover distribution platform. This enables them to produce multimedia news items shown to the Snapchat audience on a TV-style daily schedule.

Snapchat is now taking the initiative to integrate itself even more deeply with the television sector by making this first Social TV Live Story to run alongside a live TV event broadcast by a major news network.

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Live TV Promo For The Disney XD Kids Channel

US kids channel Disney XD turned to teen social media celebrities and Snapchat to promote the July launch of its new series The Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.

This was Disney’s first-ever live social media promotion. The teen stars took part in a live-streamed Mario Kart 8 game tournament, with the aim of boosting viewer tune-in for the show’s TV debut.

Influencer marketing firm FullBottle worked with Disney and ad agency Starcom, to recruit the digital stars. FullBottle CEO Reed Berglund said that the advantages of running a live promotion on Snapchat are to create an intimate connection with fans and arouse a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) amongst the target viewers.

“You’re being pulled behind the velvet rope, so to speak, and that content will only exist for the duration of that live broadcast.” Disney evaluated the promotion’s social success from related digital impressions, views, shares, likes and Tweets.

According to Nielsen ratings, the initiative has been successful. The show’s TV premiere gained Disney XD its first #1 series debut among its primary demographic of boys aged 6 to 11.

Snapchat – A Key Mobile Partner For TV

Snapchat is successfully positioning itself as a crucial mobile partner for TV broadcasters, content owners and producers worldwide.

The Snapchat Discover platform is used for international and regional content distribution by major networks, including Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, MTV, Sky News and Sky Sports.

Snapchat’s entry into the Social TV sector now places it in direct competition with Twitter and Facebook for engaging television audiences and generating TV-related advertising revenue.

With 100 million daily users from the much sought-after Millennials demographic, and 3 billion video views per day, Snapchat’s importance as a key partner for the TV sector can only grow.


The Snapchat Report: Winning At Media and Marketing in a Mobile-First World

The most urgent strategic challenge for TV, media and marketing professionals is engaging consumers in a mobile-first world.

Snapchat is the mobile-native trailblazer, reaching 100 million valuable, elusive Millennials every day.

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