Facebook Dominates Public Social TV Activity For I’m A Celebrity Final

I'm A Celebrity winner post

Winner post gets 72,000 Facebook Likes vs 5,900 Twitter Likes in 12 hours


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I'm A Celebrity winner post

The winner blog post: 72,000 Facebook Likes vs 5,900 Twitter Likes

Foggy’s I’m A Celebrity win massively more Liked on Facebook than Twitter

The victory of former world superbike champion Carl “Foggy” Fogarty in the final of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! prompted an instant and rocketing reaction via social media.

On Facebook, the official I’m A Celebrity winner post gained 19,424 Likes, plus 912 shares and 1,194 comments in the first 15 minutes after his win was announced on TV.

This more than doubled to 43,933 Likes, plus 1,743 shares and 2,137 comments after 30 minutes.

On Twitter, the official winner tweet gained just 3,400 Likes and 2,200 retweets in its first 20 minutes.

Our analysis of  content performance on Twitter and Facebook

How did content from the I’m A Celebrity official Twitter and Facebook accounts perform in their first 12 hours of posting?

For all three of the content items analysed below, there was a considerably larger volume of Facebook social activity compared with Twitter. The announcement of Foggy’s win gained several times more Facebook and Twitter Likes than funny moments from second-placed Jake.

Foggy wins

I'm A Celebrity winner post

Facebook: 72,038 Likes, 2,695 shares, 3,019 comments
Twitter: 5,900 Likes, 3,100 retweets

Jake Quickenden’s quips

Jake Quickenden's quips

Facebook: 31,644 Likes, 213 shares, 947 comments
Twitter: 1,100 Likes, 262 retweets

Melanie Sykes in third place

Melanie Sykes third place

Facebook: 5,372 Likes, 73 shares, 661 comments
Twitter: 966 Likes, 309 retweets

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TV ratings

How did the main TV shows compare in terms of viewing figures and Twitter activity?

The final of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starting at 9pm on ITV, gained an average 10.21m viewers (representing a 40.7% share). It peaked with 11.2 million viewers.

The X Factor semi-final results show, from 8pm on ITV: 8.17m viewers (31.4%).

Strictly Come Dancing, from 7.30pm on BBC One: 9.29m viewers (35.2%).

The last part of Michael Palin’s supernatural thriller Remember Me, from 9pm on BBC One, concluded with 4.07m viewers (15.5%).

The Snooker UK Championship, from 7pm on BBC Two: 2.07m viewers (8.0%). A thrilling final frame pushed viewing numbers up to a peak of 2.9m.

Kantar Twitter TV Ratings

For the I’m A Celebrity final, Kantar reported that Foggy’s victory gave the show “a whopping 98.2% share of all Twitter TV activity and it inspired 16,471 Tweets in a single minute.”

Kantar placed the I’m A Celebrity final episode in the #2 spot for the most-tweeted programmes of the week, with the show’s December 1 episode taking the #1 spot.

However, the I’m A Celebrity final easily took top place on its broadcast day, December 7. It inspired 208,500 tweets from 105,300 unique authors, with the tweets creating 9.7m impressions for a Twitter audience of 967,100 individuals.

The X Factor, in second place for that evening, had 180,300 tweets from 73,500 unique authors. Nevertheless, the tweets created a significantly larger 26m impressions for a Twitter audience of 1.7m individuals.

Strictly, in third place, had only 21,500 tweets from 11,800 authors. The tweets created 6.4m impressions for a Twitter audience of 828,100 individuals.

Snooker UK Championship topped Twitter trending with only 2.9m viewers

Twitter UK trending 7 Dec 2It was particularly significant that Twitter trending for the evening was dominated by TV programming. At several times during the evening, the whole Top 10 referred to television.

Interestingly, the snooker UK Championship was at the #1 and #2 spots for much of the evening (#UK Championship and #bbcsnooker), even though it was attracting a much smaller average audience compared with the all the other programming. The exciting last frames of the event clearly sparked some intense tweeting. Ronnie O’Sullivan and and John Vigo, competitors in the UKChampionship, themselves entered the Top 10.

Also trending for TV were The X Factor (#XFactorSemiFinal, judges Cheryl and Mel, and contestant Andrea), BBC drama Remember Me and Channel 4 drama Homeland.

I’m A Celebrity and related hashtags drifted in and out of the Top 10 during the evening: “Kentucky”  refers to a quote from Celebrity winner Foggy.