Facebook’s Social TV drama Sorry For Your Loss is a critical hit

Facebook Watch Sorry For Your Loss Elizabeth Olsen

Streaming service Facebook Watch has scored a critical hit for its first global entry into TV drama, Sorry For Your Loss, starring Elizabeth Olsen.

The series follows young widow Leigh (Elizabeth Olsen) struggling to put the pieces of her life back together after her husband’s sudden death, clashing with her mother Amy, sister Jules and Matt’s brother, Danny.

Positive reviews have come from The Guardian, ET, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

For Social TV interaction, the series has an official Facebook Group which viewers can join the discuss the show and the serious issues it raises. There are also polls of viewers’ opinions about characters’ choices and actions.

The production goes deeper into the story with extra videos, including short animations of the dead husband’s iPhone diary and messages and illustrations from a comic book series.

Comments one viewer: “I love that Facebook, as a platform, allows for really cool additions to the show like this. It’s so interesting to get more of Matt’s perspective—especially seeing what he types then deletes. Great stuff!”

The first season is ten 30-minute episodes, with two new episodes every Tuesday, available to view via mobile, PC or smart TV sets.

Sorry For Your Loss on Facebook Watch