Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch – birth of a new format?

Black Mirror’s interactive episode Bandersnatch has created a lively debate in media and creative circles about the potential and pitfalls of new forms of television. We’ve selected some key articles.

Black Mirror’s Interactive Film: How to Navigate Bandersnatch

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones wind The Hollywood Reporter through the infinite twists and turns of the choose-your-own-adventure Netflix event.

How The Surprise New Interactive Black Mirror Came Together

How Netflix went from hiring an interactive kids TV producer to convincing Charlie Brooker to create an interactive episode of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror isn’t just predicting the future—it’s causing it

Black Mirror, the TV series written by the smart and gloomy Charlie Brooker, appears to routinely predict and dramatize world news and policies. But instead of merely predicting the future, the newly released Bandersnatch could be creating it.

The production charts new territory. Yes, it’s one of the first mainstream attempts at narrative-driven gameplay on a streaming platform. But it’s also potentially the progenitor of a new form of surveillance – one that invades our privacy while wearing the cloak of entertainment.

The Illusion of Control in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

How the interactive film exposes the absence of free will and choice.