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National Geographic, Snapchat and the advertising community all confirm the key finding of Futurescape’s latest research report, The New Social TV – on Snapchat

“Major television broadcasters are successfully launching a second-generation of Social TV shows and formats, via Snapchat.”

  • National Geographic proves that commercial success is achievable and that television content on Snapchat produces a return on the investment, staffing and editorial effort.
  • Its experience shows that the Snapchat audience is open to innovative content. This gives producers considerable creative freedom in developing original Social TV formats on the platform.
  • Both Snapchat and leading advertisers are excited about the content opportunities being created by partners at established television and media companies.

Snapchat TV drives revenue – National Geographic

Running a Snapchat Discover channel generates key revenue for TV broadcaster and publisher National Geographic.

The crucial insight came from senior executive Ariel Deiaco-Lohr. Speaking at the FIPP Asia conference this week, she said, “Snapchat is now one of our key revenue drivers on social media.”

This is one of the first times a major media owner has publicly highlighted the importance of Snapchat Discover channels in producing income.

Deiaco-Lohr explained the specific content requirements to engage the viewers. “Our Snapchat audience wants things that are fun and exciting, a hit of inspiration and fun facts.”

The younger audience which Snapchat delivers to National Geographic also respond positively to content which has a strong connection with social issues and purpose. This in turn helps drive the media owner’s huge scale on Snapchat.

Content with a social purpose likewise attracts major advertisers, tapping budgets from their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Snapchat and major advertisers enthusiastically support a television strategy for Snapchat

National Geographic’s disclosure of their commercial success with a Snapchat Discover channel coincides with Imran Khan, Snapchat’s chief strategy officer, saying at the Advertising Week conference in New York that Snapchat has “a future in television-like content.”

He particularly focused on the wide-ranging TV content deal with NBCU, which generates Social TV productions on Snapchat, such as The Voice and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, “just like television.”

Leading advertisers are highly supportive of television on Snapchat. Speaking to the New York Times, Doug Neil, EVP digital marketing, Universal Pictures, said, “We understand the audience for known content like NBC’s Saturday Night Live. We’re very interested in sponsoring those kinds of stories.”

About The Report

See the full picture on the opportunities and challenges of television on Snapchat in Futurescape’s new report.

The New Social TV - on SnapchatThe New Social TV – on Snapchat

This is the first critical appraisal of how major television broadcasters are innovating original Social TV content and formats, partnering with Snapchat.

  • New creative and commercial opportunities
  • Emerging Social TV strategies
  • Competitive advantage from innovation
  • Television’s pioneers in the new Social TV

Access in-depth analysis, broadcaster strategies, full Snapchat timeline, key data: 110 pages, 27 tables and charts.

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