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Television broadcasters’ radical innovation in mobile-native content and formats is rebooting a second-generation of Social TV, on Snapchat.

The New Social TV - on SnapchatThis is the key finding in The New Social TV – on Snapchat, a television innovation report published this week by digital media research company Futurescape. The report is the first critical appraisal of how major television broadcasters are innovating original Social TV content and formats, partnering with Snapchat.

It highlights that the new Social TV is emerging from the television industry, via Snapchat. This is in marked contrast with the first, early 2010s generation, which was driven by VC-funded technology startups and Twitter.

Major television companies are now taking the lead. They are developing original content and formats and investing in independent producers which make Social TV, to reach Snapchat’s 150 million daily active users.

The broadcasters’ strategy for this new generation of Social TV is to create mobile-native content and formats which are integrated with and distributed through the Snapchat app.

Current examples include:

  • The production which is a brand extension for a broadcaster: The Rundown, a pop culture news show for E! Entertainment.
  • The format extension for a TV show which integrates with the on-air version of the show: The Voice on Snapchat.
  • Original, made-for-Snapchat drama: I Am Serafina, a teen soap from Bayerischer Rundfunk.
  • The original, stand-alone factual production which has no broadcast television element: soccer entertainment show Saturdays Are Lit.

Saturdays Are Lit also illustrates the key role of financial backing from the television sector. The show is made by UK-based Bigballs Media, in which John Malone’s Liberty Global cable company has a stake. It is distributed on Snapchat Discover by Turner Broadcasting’s Bleacher Report.

Said Futurescape Director Colin Donald, “First-generation Social TV in the early 2010s came mainly from VC-funded tech startups launching mobile apps and Twitter. By contrast, television companies are now moving fast to pioneer next-generation Social TV, partnering with Snapchat. They are making content which is native to the mobile and social media experience.”

“Their willingness to experiment and take risks early on enables them to discover and determine how to entertain, inform and engage viewers via mobile. Competitors who are not involved in Social TV on Snapchat risk being left behind, while the innovators take a lead in cultivating audiences with new TV-based mobile formats and content.”

About The Report

See the full picture on the opportunities and challenges of television on Snapchat in Futurescape’s new report.

The New Social TV - on SnapchatThe New Social TV – on Snapchat

This is the first critical appraisal of how major television broadcasters are innovating original Social TV content and formats, partnering with Snapchat.

  • New creative and commercial opportunities
  • Emerging Social TV strategies
  • Competitive advantage from innovation
  • Television’s pioneers in the new Social TV

Access in-depth analysis, broadcaster strategies, full Snapchat timeline, key data: 110 pages, 27 tables and charts.

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