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2014 was another lively year for Social TV and we identified key events, issues and creative approaches in the Futurescape blog.

Social TV couple

Zuckerberg buying WhatsApp for a cool $19 billion. Facebook automatically identifying TV shows. The World Cup as a major Social TV event. Viewer engagement strategies and success for The X Factor, Doctor Who and I’m A Celebrity.

While Discovery was looking for naked viewers!


Here’s the Social TV year as Futurescape analysed it, in our top blog posts


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Discovery Wants Naked Viewers!

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World Cup Social TV Guide

Facebook Takes on Shazam for Social TV: Identifies TV Shows Automatically

Asian Mobile Messaging Apps Face off Against the West

6 Strategic Reasons Zuckerberg Bought WhatsApp for $19 Billion

Microsoft Integrates Skype Video Chat with Live TV Viewing, Targeting Sports Fans


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