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Sofia VergaraModern Family’s Sofia Vergara is set to star in a Snapchat reality show about her life.

The six-episode series, Vergaraland, will debut this summer and take a wry look at her career through the eyes her son, Manolo.

The show is co-produced by Vergara and Fusion, the multiplatform news and entertainment service for Millennials.

Vergaraland joins a fast-growing slate of original series which Fusion is rolling out on media-sharing app Snapchat in 2015.

The multiplatform production process aims to develop new shows and formats which can migrate to Fusion’s cable TV network.

Fusion, a Disney / ABC – Univision joint venture, is producing the short-form series to appeal to a worldwide audience.

Fusion has an international distribution deal with the Snapchat Discover mobile TV platform to reach Snapchat users outside the USA.

Other major Snapchat TV and video partners include CNN, ESPN, MTV and Vice Media.

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Fusion's Snapchat travel series OutpostSome of the series have their video shot simultaneously in vertical and widescreen modes, the former being optimised for mobile and Snapchat, the latter being best suited for Web and TV. This enables them to be easily distributed via other media, including Fusion’s TV channel, as finished programmes.

Fusion also aims to develop the shows as formats which can be turned into full-length television productions.

“We would love to see one of the Snapchat series end up being a full 12-episode, 30-minute series on our cable network,” said Fusion Chief Strategy Officer Boris Gartner.

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The five series are all unscripted and run for a minimum six episodes of two to three minutes per episode. Sponsorship opportunities are available for all of them.

  • The Artisans travels the world to meet people who continue the traditions handed down by their families, looking to answer the question: What makes an artisan?
  • Capitals explores what contemporary cities stand for, featuring São Paulo’s architecture, the music of Addis Ababa and the lively culinary scene in Cape Town.
  • Off the Record is a “music explainer” series which reveals the origins and histories of popular songs.
  • Science Fiction/Science Fact uses vintage science fiction movies to explore modern technology.
  • Weird Threads is hosted by Toronto fashion connoisseur Jonas Bell Pasht, who examines the history of clothes and fashion trends.

Fusion was encouraged to develop the five new series by the success of Outpost, its first original production for Snapchat. This documentary series mixes adventure travel with investigative journalism which covers obscure regions of the world. Output has been renewed for a second season of eight episodes.

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In announcing the new shows, Fusion CEO Isaac Lee highlighted Snapchat’s ability to deliver the valuable international millennial audience.

“We understand that millennials consume content without borders and Snapchat Discover has been a critical platform in the growth and development of Fusion’s global audience.”

“As we look to engage with our audience everywhere they are, Fusion will continue to invest in creative, dynamic content that harnesses the unique power of emerging platforms like Snapchat.”


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