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Inviting fans to video audition for survival reality show Naked and Afraid


Discovery’s new Social TV competition #ShowUsWhatYouGot is offering fans the chance to appear in the outdoors reality series Naked and Afraid.

All they have to do is send in a (non-naked) 60 second video and say why they deserve to be on the show.

The videos can be submitted via Twitter and Facebook, using the #ShowUsWhatYouGot hashtag.

The entry clips are being showcased on the official entry page.

The competition is another example of how broadcasters are following one of our key principles for Social TV production, engaging viewers by appealing to their creativity, in producing their own video. See how The X Factor does it, too.

(Full Disclosure: Discovery Communications is a customer for Futurescape’s Social TV strategy report and Futurescape staff have acted in a production capacity for the Discovery Home and Leisure site.)


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