Monday, September 20, 2021

Interactive Internet TV Shows: A decade of innovation in interactive programming

An exciting and competitive new market is opening up for interactive Internet TV shows as Netflix, YouTube, Walmart’s Eko and the BBC are commissioning innovative productions for international audiences.

But creating and commissioning interactive TV shows is challenging.

So how can you most effectively inform your own creative vision for developing original interactive productions?

Our special new report looks at what it takes to make an interactive TV production.

Interactive Internet TV Shows: A decade of innovation in interactive programming, provides a unique analysis of more than 50 interactive TV, Web and mobile productions from 2007 to the present, all in one comprehensive publication.

What is in the report?

Each show has its own profile, with essential information about:

* Key innovative and interactive features: different approaches to viewer interaction, including branching storylines, alternative views of stories, interaction with characters, gameplay, real-life events and transmedia content.

* Screenshots of user interfaces for interaction.

* Commissioning and production companies.

* Funding, commercial models, brands and sponsorship, product integration and branded content.

* Premiere date, episode length, number of seasons and episodes, broadcast schedule.

* Production budget.

* Details on how a show was commissioned and produced, its target audience, distribution and viewing figures.

TV genres and markets

The report is based on Futurescape’s ongoing research into interactive production across multiple genres and formats, including drama, comedy, reality, factual, social issues, talent shows, children’s programming, Web video, live action and animation.

The main focus is on the US and UK markets, plus key global productions and series from Australia, Brazil, Germany and China.

Production companies, broadcasters and digital platforms

ABC Family, Bayerischer Rundfunk, BBC, Bebo, Channel 4, Channel 5, Dreamworks, Eko (backed by WalMart), Endemol, Facebook, FremantleMedia, Hasbro, HBO, MSN, MySpace, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Network Ten, Nokia, Orange, Snapchat, Syfy, TalkbackThames, Twitter, Vodafone and YouTube.

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Interactive Internet TV Shows is 92 pages, with 74 screenshots, stills and visuals, covering more than 50 shows in a wide range of genres.