Mosaic Virus

Mosaic Virus artwork: AI-generated tulips

AI and data artist Anna Ridler has an exciting new work in progress, Mosaic Virus. The artwork integrates an AI trained to generate thousands...

The Nemesis Machine: data-based installation

The Nemesis Machine is a data-based installation created by London artist Stanza. It’s being shown at the FutureFest conference organised by innovation foundation Nesta. “The...

Sou Fujimoto: Futures of the Future exhibition, London

Discover the innovative work of Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto in an exhibition at Japan House, until 5 August. "Fujimoto’s vision of the future is not...

Israeli startup ARShow integrates AR with live theatre

Israeli startup ARShow has recently launched an AR platform and operating system aimed specifically for theatres. See it in action in the AR play...

Behind the scenes with Tribeca’s immersive theatre VR experience Jack

Oculus and other VR companies are working on creating live VR experiences with real actors. CNET’s Joan Solsman and Scott Stein talk about what it’s...

First Snapchat show to hit trad TV is Elisabeth Murdoch’s Phone...

Phone Swap, a dating format from Elisabeth Murdoch’s Vertical Networks, is the first Snapchat show to air on broadcast TV, following a deal with Fox Television. The deal follows a successful debut for the series on Snapchat’s Discover section, which hosts content from major media partners. In its first season, Phone Swap attracted an average of 10m viewers per episode.

Snapchat delivers TV tune-in for NBC’s Hairspray musical

US TV network NBC has run a successful Snapchat ad campaign for its Hairspray TV musical. Data gathered from a viewer survey shows the campaign led to a 122% increase in viewing by respondents. This success indicates Snapchat's potential for tapping revenue from TV marketing budgets.

Tastemade praises Snapchat for delivering a global audience

A leading Snapchat content provider is publicly supporting the company in the face of advertiser criticism. Food video network Tastemade is acclaiming Snapchat for delivering viewers on an international basis.

BBC and Snapchat Partner for Planet Earth II Mobile Series

The BBC is premiering a made-for-Snapchat show to promote the launch of its flagship nature documentary series Planet Earth II on broadcast television in the USA and Canada. It aims to use Snapchat to drive tune-in for TV viewing, particularly from Snapchat’s Millennial users.

German broadcaster RBB launches Snapchat news service for teens

German public service broadcaster RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) has embraced Snapchat to launch a news service targeting 14 to 18 year-olds. The service, Hochkant (“vertical”), aims to reach teens who typically do not watch much television news or have news apps installed on their smartphones.

Arte’s prototype chatbot offers TV viewers programme recommendations

Franco-German arts broadcaster Arte is running an intriguing experiment on the practical applications of chatbots for television, with a prototype bot which gives viewers programme recommendations.

Snapchat Spectacles – see the innovative circular video format

First view of the unique circular video format shot by Snapchat Spectacles, which can be output as Snapchat native vertical video and also as horizontal video, for online.

Why is Snapchat crucial for media companies’ strategic goals?

Snapchat is successfully pioneering the integration of media and social in a mobile platform. Forward-thinking media owners are using it to seize crucial opportunities in shaping the future of media.

MTV launches new shows on Snapchat before TV

MTV International is launching a slate of original shows exclusively on Snapchat, before they can be seen on television. The youth broadcaster is embarking on a radical Snapchat-first Social TV strategy to engage viewers on mobile.

Snapchat TV drives revenue – National Geographic

National Geographic, Snapchat and the advertising community all confirm the key finding of Futurescape’s latest research report, The New Social TV – on Snapchat: “Major television broadcasters are successfully launching a second-generation of Social TV shows and formats, via Snapchat.”

How Traditional Media Companies Successfully Innovate On Snapchat

Older media brands are succeeding in attracting Snapchat’s younger Millennial users to view their innovative content, which is made specifically for the social network. American Millennials ages 13-24 say they usually view well-established media brands on the Snapchat Discover distribution platform rather than media which targets their generation.

Microsoft HoloLens Super Bowl Demo – The Future of Sports TV?

Microsoft has released its vision of the future of sports TV, with a concept video of viewers watching the Super Bowl via its HoloLens augmented reality system.

Reinventing Paris: 10 Radical Urban Designs

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo last year invited the world’s best architects to reinvent the city, with environmentally-friendly urban designs to transform sites such as public spaces and unloved tower blocks. The winning designs included a trio of new buildings in the 17th arrondissement which architects Nicolas Laisné Associés call ‘liveable gardens’.

Virtually Dead Combines Horror VR With Immersive Theatre

Immersive theatre production Virtually Dead combines VR, using the new HTC Vive headset, with a cast of 22 actors in a one-kilometre set in a secret location in East London. Participants must fight to save a town from a plague of zombies.

Huge Cat’s Cradle Embodies The Great Fugues Of Bach

When architect Gabriel Calatrava was commissioned for a set to accompany a performance of Bach’s Art of Fugue, he took inspiration from the children’s game of cat’s cradle. The installation has dancers, who act as musical notes, bend, pull, and fold the strings in tandem with the music.