The Malady of Death blends theatre with live cinema

Malady of Death

Marguerite Duras’s novella is updated and adapted for the stage in a blend of performance and live cinema at the Barbican Theatre.

A man who wants to learn how to love, what it is to feel again, turns to night meetings with a sex worker in a hotel.

In a collaboration between playwright Alice Birch and auteur Katie Mitchell, “We were thinking about the difference between the female gaze and the male gaze, and trying to use film to be really clear about that subjectivity.”

Affecting images, sophisticated camera techniques and courageous acting by Laetitia Dosch and Nick Fletcher come together, with the intense action unfolding both onstage and on a large screen to the words of narrator Irène Jacob.

The Malady of Death (La Maladie de la mort)