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Searching for the Next Silicon Valley

Alec Ross

Alec Ross was Hillary Clinton’s Senior Advisor for Innovation when she was Secretary of State, and he helped craft her groundbreaking open internet agenda. Since leaving the State Department, Ross has traveled the world advising businesses and governments on technology and innovation policy. Now, he has assembled his conversations with Davos regulars into a fascinating vision of the future of industry.

The Industries of the Future reads like a portable TED conference at which you have been seated next to the smartest guy in the room. The book is filled with glimpses of cutting-edge biotech research, statecraft, and entrepreneurship. Ross uses his unique set of experiences to weave these disparate stories into a picture of the next decade of innovation. He identifies areas that he sees driving global industrial and social change, including robotics, genetics, the “code-ification” of money, cybersecurity, and the harnessing of big data.

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